The WTTC SafeTravels Stamp was created for travelers to recognise destinations and businesses around the world which have adopted the safe travels health and hygiene global standardised protocols. Jeju has obtained a safety travel stamp by WTTC for the first time in Korea, and has been issuing Jeju Safe Travels Stamp to tourism businesses in Jeju who comply with the Jeju safe travel standards and participate in Jeju Safe Travels campaign.

WTTC(World Travel & Tourism Council)

The World Travel & Tourism Council represents the global private sector of Travel & Tourism, with a mission to ensure the sector is seamless, secure, safe, inclusive, and sustainable. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WTTC has created the Safe Travels stamp, which is the world’s first ever global safety and hygiene stamp for the travel and tourism industry.

Safe Travels Stamp Eligible Applicants 

Limited to businesses registered in Jeju Island

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